Ukrainian Bridal Boutique Temporarily Closed, Seeking Help Amid the War

Andrea Lawrence
5 min readMar 10, 2022

Urgent Call for Help

I received an email this morning from the shop where I bought my wedding dress. The shop is called Angellure, and it is located in Odessa, Ukraine. (The city also has the spelling Odesa.)

The boutique is temporarily closed due to the ongoing war with Russia. It is seeking donations for family and refugee friends.

You can find out more about this store and donate to them here.

I want to bring attention to this store and try to help them get money/support during this difficult time. I’m hoping I can keep an open dialogue with the store owner, so I can learn more about what is happening.

Here is a message on the store’s Etsy listing:


On February 24 at 5 o’clock in the morning, my son and I woke up from the sound of explosions. On that day, we lost our usual life, peace, stability, work, home. Our beloved Ukraine was invaded by the Russian army. We, the women and children of our country, were forced to seek shelter in neighboring countries in order to stay alive. At this time, our valiant men and foreign soldiers continue to defend our country .

Many of you have asked how we can help. We really need this help: my family, my friends, those who had to leave their home with a bag with a few pieces of clothing inside, and even more those who could not leave and tries to survive under bombs and bullets of a bloodthirsty enemy.

This listing is for your help to us. (PLEASE write in ORDER NOTES — DON`T SHIP OUT.)

Thanks for your help and support. Pray for our peaceful life. Pray for Ukraine.

We will win because together we are strong.”

Another message on the Etsy store reads:

“Dear brides, Russia attacked our country. We hope to be…

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