Hilariously Bad Tarot Cards Created by Canva’s AI Image Generator

Would Anyone Buy a Tarot Deck of AI Images?

Andrea Lawrence


Created using Canva’s AI image generator

Exploring Canva’s AI Feature

I decided to test out Canva’s AI image generator. I am weary of using AI art in online posts because of how these generators go through databases to recycle and create new images. There are major ethical implications with the new tech.

I caution everyone to be careful using AI-generated images because it could get you into legal trouble. I wrote an article on this; you can read it here:

Can AI Make Tarot Cards As Well As Artists?

For a bit of humor, I tested out how well Canva’s AI generator could produce tarot cards. I fully admit that images created by real artists and photographers are vastly superior to what the generator produced. The AI does try its hardest to create something, but it’s definitely grasping at straws.

I found it interesting to see how AI interprets tarot, so I thought I would show you the first ten images created for the first ten cards of the Major Arcana. My reviews of the cards accompany the images.

The Fool

Created using Canva’s AI generator

Here is a fresh take on The Fool card. The image might stir up thoughts of the Pixies' classic song “Where Is My Mind?”

Tarot is essentially the hero’s journey with the Fool as the protagonist. Here we have a Fool who looks like their mind has been sucked out by an elite alien force. The Fool may in fact be a zombie parading through Europe in medieval times. It’s impossible to say whether he is a giant or if the image is taking creative liberties with perspective.

It appears the sun is literally getting split in half to create two new suns. Perhaps, this is a Fool on a planet…



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