70 Signs That He Is Interested in You

Andrea Lawrence
6 min readJan 31, 2022
Signs that he’s interested in you | Source: Raffy John Jimenez from Unsplash; Canva

It can get confusing as to whether someone likes you as just a friend or if they would like more. If you notice some of these signs, it’s highly likely that you’ve grabbed their attention. Remember, sometimes someone likes you, but things just are not in synch whether they have too much going on with work or if they haven’t gotten over someone yet. You deserve only the best!

  1. He buys you flowers. (Why would a guy buy a girl flowers for any other reason?) Guys will do this without asking if they attach a pretty girl to a pretty flower. They’ve seen enough movies and had a mom or sister to know this is a smart move.
  2. He finds ways to touch you in non-creepy ways, such as your shoulder, arm, maybe even hair. (Hair is a dead giveaway. Not a pat on the head, but literally strokes your hair, maybe even tries to put it in a ponytail.)
  3. He compliments you often, whether for your looks, brains, or personality. He also enjoys complimenting you, and it’s natural for him to do so. He makes a genuine effort.
  4. He misses you when you’ve been gone too long. He asks for you to come back home. It literally eats him up inside if he hasn’t seen you for a while.
  5. All his guy friends act strange around you because they know how much he likes you.
  6. He asks you to coffee, lunch, or something in the daylight. Time of day speaks volumes. If he wants to see you in the busy portion of the day, this is more positive than at night.
  7. He gives you as many hugs as possible. You may find that during one outing, he hugs you about eight times for no reason at all. Except you’re cute.
  8. He has an odd interest to want to meet your family. He’d like to know what your parents are like and what dirt your siblings have on you.
  9. His eyes sparkle like a thousand fireflies going off in them.
  10. He laughs when you laugh, and it feels natural. You guys share a similar sense of humor.
  11. The two of you mimic each other’s actions from the way you sit, the little verbal phrases you say, to when you both grab for a drink of water. Mimicry is a sign of affection.
  12. He goes nuts if he ever sees you cry. It messes with him. He may grab a tissue box, he…



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